Essay on Women Empowerment for Students (500 Words)

Women empowerment is empowering the women to take their own decisions for their personal life. It is the procedure in which women extend and recreate what is that they can do in her life that they previously were refused. Women’s empowerment definitions entail women having the capability to make vital decisions in her experiences. It is to bring equality in the society for both male and female in all areas. Women empowerment has become an important issue of discussion in development and economics. The meaning of women’s economic empowerment is the ability for women to enjoy their right to control and benefit from the resources, assets, income and their own time.

The whole country, businesses, communities and groups get advantages from the implementation of programs and policies that adopt the country of women empowerment. Empowerment of women is essential for developing our society. Economic empowerment increases women’s power of mobility outside the home, financial independence and purchasing power. Policy makers are suggested to support job training to aid in the entrance in the formal markets. One recommendation is to give more formal education opportunities for women that would allow them for higher bargaining power. They will get more access to higher salary outside the home and as a result, women get a job quickly in the market.

Political empowerment helps the women creating policies that would best support gender equality and agency for women in both the public and private sectors. Because women are generally associated with childcare and domestic responsibilities in the home, they have not sufficient time dedicated to entering the labour market and running their business. Policies that increase their bargaining power in the household. Participation is not limited to the field of politics. It can comprise involvement in the family, in schools and the ability to make choices for oneself.

Many of the barriers to women’s empowerment and equity are buried in cultural norms. Many women like this but others have become habituated to being treated inferior to men. Such barriers make it difficult for women to advance in their workplace or receive fair compensation for the work they provide.

It is said that education increases “women’s self-confidence and also enable them to find better jobs and they can work shoulder to shoulder with men.” They can participate in public debate and make demands on government for health care, social security and other entitlements”. Education informs others of preventing and containing the disease and it is an essential element of efforts to reduce malnutrition. Even, it empowers women to make choices that can improve their welfare, consisting of marrying beyond childhood and having fewer children. Crucially, education can increase women’s awareness of their rights, boost their self-esteem, and provide them the opportunity to assert their rights.

Women empowerment is essential to make the bright future of the family, society and country. Thus, girls must never be deprived of education because today’s girl will be tomorrow’s women. To make the nation fully developed nation, women empowerment is a necessary tool to get the goal of development.

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