Essay on Internet : Advantages and Disadvantages (400 Words)

In modern life, the Internet is playing a very important role. It is a global network, connecting thousands of host servers worldwide. It has made our experience very easy and straightforward as we no longer need to go outside for seeing a movie, business, paying a bill, shopping, transactions, etc. The United States Department of Defense established it at the beginning of 1960. Today, around 10 to 20 million people are using an Internet consisted of more than 30,000 networks spread out over 78 countries all over the world.

It has been a necessary part of our life. It is used everywhere due to its easiness and usefulness like in workplace, in offices, in schools, in colleges, in banks, in educational institutions, in training centers, in shops, in railways station, in airports, in restaurants, in hotels, in malls and in most importantly at home by each person for various purposes. It is a great electronic gateway to provides immediate access to global information. We can search for and find an up-to-the-minute stock market activity, weather reports, music, recipe etc.

The primary purpose of the Internet is to provide open information with few access barriers to information. Since the time the internet has come in our life, our world has converted into a great range in the positive ways however in the negative ways too. It benefits research organizations, the students, people in business, government agencies, etc. The government agencies can do their work in proper time; students can get any needed information for their study, businesspeople can deal their business matters from one place, research organizations can research more and give outstanding results, etc.

There are many probable risks related to the implementation of the Internet in the organization. So It is advised to the managers pay attention to it and avoid it. Predators, cybercriminals, bullies, and corrupt businesses will try to take advantage of the unwary visitor. We need to be careful from the websites hackers. Spam in our inbox, some pop-up messages and click-bait articles/social media posts try to get our to click on a link that looks like it’s taking us to a legal website. We should use a security system by using username and password to prevent others from accessing our important online data. The Internet allows us to use any application programmes supporting instant messaging to send quick messages to friends, parents or teachers.

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