Essay on Digital India in English for Students (500 Words)

The government of India started a digital India campaign on 1st July 2015 in the presence of many top industrialists at the Indra Gandhi Indoor Stadium, Delhi. It is a very active program. It was started to improve the online framework by improving internet connectivity. This program provides secure online government services to the citizens of India and also to improve the technological aspect of India by empowering internet net web in the country.

Digital India is one of the most significant steps ever taken to digitally grow the nation and improve the IT organizations of the country. Worth more than rupee one lakh crore was invested by the government to unveil this program by starting various schemes of the digital India campaign such as digital locker, national scholarship portal, e-health, e-education e-sign, etc.

Digital India campaign has been started to empower the country digitally. This campaign aims to strengthen the electronic services of government services. It will reduce the paperwork in various sectors. The meaning of digital infrastructure is creating a space where all the registered citizens will have a digital identity, which will help in getting comfortable and fast government services. All the government services such as safe and secure cyberspace, education, managing a bank account, financial management, distance learning etc. will now easy. Digitally delivering services of the government will help all the people connected to this system and will get advantages of government plans and policies as soon as they are launched. It helps in globalization as it combines one individual to the whole world through their phone or computer screen.

An excellent aim of the Digital India program is to provide IT jobs, as this program emphases on digital growth it will equally employ in this field to the youth of the generation. The credit for this campaign is going for Mr. Narendra Modi, the active prime minister of India of Bharatiya Janta Party played a very crucial role in boosting this project by approving Rs 1 lakh crore to furnish this campaign.

This project is very fruitful for the villagers who are living in a remote area of the nation or are very far from a city. This project reduces their time by providing high-speed internet service which will now let the villagers do all the work just by a single click. Digital India makes health services and literacy more reachable as we can use e-hospital services, an appointment with the doctor, payment of the fee, get online registration, diagnostic tests online, blood checkups etc.

This project has been aimed to be completed by 2019. This project is very fruitful us. It is the programme which will benefit both, service providers and consumers. It makes accessible the development of the country by providing e-services to all. And we can see it has clinched many government services for all to use. Provoking e-Kranti, providing IT jobs and connecting the citizens with its government at hands length. There is an arrangement of a digital India advisory group to monitor and control this programme.

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