Essay on Deforestation in English with Subheadings (300 Words)

In the simple words, deforestation is an act of removal of vegetation from an area. In other words, deforestation is the clearing of forests and trees from an area due to diversion of forest land to agricultural land, river valley projects, roads, industry and urbanization, transmission lines and activities like shifting cultivation, fuelwood and timber collection overgrazing fires and acid rains. It has led to many environmental problems. Some of these consists of climate change, the loss of wildlife, impact on biodiversity, global warming and effects on the water cycle. The water cycle as well as the carbon cycle has been disrupted by deforestation and thus attributed to climate change which in turn is causing many problems for humans and animals.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen which is very essentials for a human. Deforestation is leading to the loss of many trees. Because of deforestation many harmful gases such as carbon dioxide, methane etc. are increasing. This has contributed a great deal to global warming. There is a significant role of forest in the water cycle. Due to over-harvesting of forests is leading to disruption in the water cycle which is leading to irregular rainfalls in different regions.

Our environment has been affected severely by the deforestation. Forests serve as safe habitats for an abundant species as well as human. Various species of plants and animals have extinct because of the changing in the climatic conditions. Our planet needs to survive rich biodiversity to strike an environmental balance.

Deforestation is a major global problem with severe consequences to the planet. Our environment is being deteriorated by deforestation in many ways. It is the time when we should realize the problem and control deforestation. If we do not stop deforestation, we will have to face dangerous problem related to the environment.

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